Accent by Gayane Breiova

Cooking is the ultimate experience of transformation.

A tasty, sunny kind of Alchemy.

We take simple product, we apply our skills, talents and soul and create something incredible, delicious, mouthwatering.

Humanity has been cooking since times immemorable, constantly inventing, perfecting, improving recipes, yet the culinary world still has so much to offer to those who are willing to experiment and try new things!

Sometimes all you need to transform a dish is something small but precious: a pinch of exotic spice, a family recipe, a fortunate accident, chef’s vision…

An unconditional love towards your craft makes everything you create special, filled with emotions instantly recognizable by anyone who is exposed to it.

So here’s to trying new things and adding your own twist to everything you do.

Here’s to remembering your roots, cooking with passion and style.

Here’s to loving what you do and those you do it for.

Here’s to food…

…and here’s to food with accent.

Gayane makes a strong point to respect the dishes she makes & that these dishes reflect Accent Restaurant “heritage" and "soul."

Who is Gayane Breiova?

Gayane Breiova is a Beautiful woman, restaurateur, brand chef, TV hostess, cookbooks writer, winner of Aram Piruzyan’s gold medal for the contribution, promotion and preservation of the Armenian culinary traditions.

Gayane Breiova was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She studied at the art school, danced and though she loved cooking from her early ages – her mom gladly passed a family cook baton to her, she never thought of a career as a restaurateur. After graduation and a trip to Prague, Gayane settles in Moscow, studies economics and lands a job of a waitress at Czech Embassy. In 2001 Gayane finds partners and opens her first establishment, later in 2004 she launces «Cafe on the Stairs», and in 2008 opens Cosmopolit café in Prague.

 Her latest contribution and project brought her back to her roots. She is a part of Accent restaurant which was opened on February 2. Accent by Gayane Breiova offers signature cuisine and new interpretations of favorite dishes.

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